OMG Fangirl moment!

Dream a little bigger, Darling


That said, if you can recognize that quote... You'll know what I'm talking about.

Oh, Eames. Oh, Arthur. <3

(not really shipping the pairing... yet, just talking about the characters. As I said, YET.)

And yes, this post is going to make you very happy, @saikodelic. You deserve it, you evil woman... ;)

PS: I need icons.

PS2: Yesterday was, like, the most awesome night ever. First, Inception; then, carrot cake; and afterwards.... Sherlock. Ah. Fangirl bliss.
Merlin meets Twilight

Merlin art!

Remember that meme I did ages ago? This one here?

Well,  asked for Merlin and Morgana...

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Sorry because I had to colour it without my tablet, so that's why it looks crappy...
TW Babiez


Hey, I'm on holiday until next monday! Wheeeeeeeee! 

Just wanted to say that, well, *drumroll, please* I'M DRAWING AGAIN!

Not much, but it's a start, LOL!

Now I just need time to colour my doodles.... I have, like seven or so to do!

And something I haven't done before: a preview of some of them...

Thanks. For everything *hugs F-List like whoa*

Wanna play?

Just a meme... I saw it on a LJ and had to do it! (gasp, I know it!)

-Go to and look up 10 TV shows you like(d).
-Post three official IMDB "Plot Keywords" for these 10 picks.
-Have your friends guess the show names.

It is easier than it seems... Oh, and my keyboard is acting funny, so sorry for wrong... things. Just in case.

1/ Murder suspect, control freak, Ex husband Ex wife relationship
2/ Clever dialogue, Old war buddies, Man with no name Firefly, guessed by onehundredmoons 
3/ Fish out of water, Eccentricity, Renegade
4/ Genocide, Moral Ambiguity, Diaspora Battlestar Galactica, guessed by hezmanagirl 
5/ Sword fighting, king, magic Merlin, guessed by hezmanagirl 
6/ Coworker relationship, secrecy, Inmortality Torchwood, guessed by hezmanagirl 
7/ Multicultural, competition, infidelity  Glee, guessed by duare 
8/ Cheesecake, neighbor, obsessive compulsive disorder The Big Bang Theory, guessed by duare 
9/ Reformed criminal, ongoing investigation, California
10/ Counter terrorism, sleeper agent, lizard  V, guessed by onehundredmoons 

If you need any hints... There are three of those that finished some time ago. The rest, are on tv right now. Well, they are ongoing series, I mean.

I-d like to see what do you guess first!!! And... no checking imdb!!!

Love you!
TW Babiez



Just for that, let's celebrate! :D

Do you want to play to something with me? Leave a list of ten things you like (whatever they are!) in a comment and I will draw them  for you!

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There you go! I really want to see what you come up with! :D